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Palamós Costa Brava

Harmonious combination of Les Gavarres and the Mediterranean Sea

Palamós is a town and municipality located in the region of Baix Empordà (Girona). It borders the Mediterranean Sea and the municipalities of Calonge, Vall-llobrega and Mont-ras. The first references of human settlement in Palamós are the dolmen of Montagut (2500-1500 BC) and later the traces of an Iberian settlement in the beach Platja El Castell.

Some authors have stated that Palamós, under the name of Paleopolis, was one of the most ancient colonies that the Greeks founded in this part of the Spanish coast, but in fact neither in the Geography nor in the Ancient History there is any mention on this subject.


The sea. That’s the simplest way to describe Palamós, where the sea is omnipresent and ever-present. We’re not talking just about the physical, geographical sea but about the sea of the soul, the sea in all its splendour. The sea has defined the personality of the town and its inhabitants – it has written their history, it has provided meaning and a sense of vocation to their work, it has given character to their cuisine and colour and form to the landscape where they live.

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When it comes to beaches, the Costa Brava is special. Although its seafront is stony and wild – which is why it’s called the Costa Brava (Wild Coast) – the landscape can suddenly become softer, giving way to wide beaches with different textures of sand. Then, and every bit as appealing, there are the hidden-away coves to be found just below the high rocks of the coastline. A great place to appreciate this variety is Palamós.

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El Baix Empordà is in a privileged situation in the European continent. The main existing accesses (motorway, railway, airport, etc.) are close to the region, making it easy to reach. In addition, the geographical location of El Baix Empordà gives it a warm climate, meaning you can enjoy the region throughout the year.

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More than 70 restaurants in Palamos propose an extensive and varied cuisine to suit every taste and every budget: establishments of all categories, with daily specials, menu, tapas or best recipes to the letter with the most innovative cuisine, dishes traditional grandmother or the authentic cuisine of the fishermen.

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